22-24 June 2021, Virtual Conference

4th European Conference on Flood Risk Management

Science and practice for an uncertain future

The FLOODrisk2020 virtual conference is well under way

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Day one and two of the FLOODrisk2020 conference are now over and we would like to thank all our participants, speakers and chairs and co-chairs for your participation in this conference with a difference.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference, but we still have a lot of content to cover, so please do not forget to come and join us at 9am CEST tomorrow morning.

For those of you who are made co-hosts during the conference, please do be careful NOT to close the breakout rooms. We have seen both today and yesterday that this closes them for all of us.

When you are joining tomorrow, the zoom link will be different, so please refresh your screen before clicking on a join live session link on the FLOODrisk2020 hub.

We hope that you'll continue to enjoy the conference


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