21 June - 25 June 2021, Budapest

4th European Conference on Flood Risk Management

Science and practice for an uncertain future

Update from 2nd November 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to affect many people and countries around the world, we continue to review all possibilities for delivering the FLOODrisk2020 conference. 

As you know we have already had to delay the conference from its original date in September 2020, to the new dates from 21st to 25th June 2021. Current restrictions in Europe and in particular in Budapest, Hungary, and the real possibility that those, or a version of those restrictions, will continue well into the first half of 2021, means we must, at least, review alternatives for hosting our conference.

We are currently looking at a number of options for this, from hosting the conference online to delaying the conference once more, and other options.

We ask kindly for your patience whilst we consider all these options. We will be in touch again by 18th December 2020 with our decision on the future of the FLOODrisk2020 conference. All key deadlines, including the notification of acceptance and full paper submission opening, are in the meantime put on hold.

Conference Postponed till June 21st-25th 2021

We have been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic, for some time, and the organising committee would like to announce their decision to postpone FLOODrisk2020 until June 21st-25th 2021. This has not been an easy decision to make but there have been 2 main factors behind this decision.

  1. It is unclear whether travel will be possible in September and as we are unlikely to know when and how travel restrictions will be relaxed, for some time, there was a risk that attendance would be greatly affected.
  2. With travel restrictions currently in place, and the crucial period of the conference management ahead of us, it was felt our ability to produce a conference, reflective of the previous FLOODrisk series of conferences, was going to be severely hampered.

There are obviously a number of questions that arise from postponing the conference and you can find answers to the common questions on our FAQs page. As a summary, all submissions will remain valid, with the same decision as already announced. Ultimately this means your presentation will be carried over to June 21st-25th 2021, unless you tell us otherwise. More specific information can be found below.

Paper Submissions

We are very aware that this announcement comes shortly after, or as, many of you are working hard to submit your papers. It has no doubt been a difficult task, considering the adaptation you will have had to make to your working environment, and we would like to express our sincere appreciation of the efforts you have gone to. With this in mind we would also like to announce that the paper submission system will remain open until the end of April and all papers submitted will be eligible for publication in September 2020, as originally planned. There will be a small, early registration fee for publication, which will be taken off your attendance registration, at a later date. More details of this will be announced in due course. Those who also indicate they would like their paper reviewed for special issue, by the end of April, will also still be considered for this process.

We hope this goes someway to rewarding your efforts, however, it doesn't account for a group of authors who may be looking at this announcement as an opportunity to produce more complete papers by the time the conference is held in June 2021. Anything that improves the content of the conference is welcomed by us and you will be given 2 options. Either you maintain your current submission, for publication in September, but then present new data in June 2021, or you can choose to remove your current paper and wait until the new paper submission process takes place in November 2020. Those who have yet to submit a paper may do so by the end of April 2020, again for publication in September, or wait until November and submit a paper then.


If you are not going to be able to attend in June 2021, or you feel that will be too late for you to present your paper, and would like to withdraw your submission, we would like to apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding over the decision we have made. During May 2020 all authors are invited to log in to the author area and indicate how they would like to proceed with each of their submissions. One of the options will be to withdraw.


A new timeline of key events has been produced and the website has been updated to reflect this. You can find the key details here. Appropriate announcements will be made, as we move through the new stages, so please ensure you are receiving emails from floodrisk2020.net and if you have any questions please check our FAQs page or email us on info@floodrisk2020.net.

Thank you once again for the contributions you have already made to FLOODrisk 2020 and for your understanding regarding the decision we have come to. Our focus will now turn to make sure FLOODrisk2020 remains a success, albeit in 2021! 


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