22-24 June 2021, Virtual Conference

4th European Conference on Flood Risk Management

Science and practice for an uncertain future

Reminder: You can already access the video presentations online

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The video presentations for the FLOODrisk2020 virtual conference are already available online on the conference gateway on hub.floodrisk2020.net for all registered participants.

There are multiple ways that you can access the presentations:

  • you can go to the 'programme' page an click on the  icon next to  the session that you are interested in, which will open a detailed information age for this session
  • in the programme page, you can also click on the  icon to add the session to your schedule and then from the 'my schedule' window (accessed by clicking on the 'my window' button you can access the detailed information page by clicking on the 'View sessions details link'
  • In the gateway homepage, you can select one of the Theme's hub you can view the presentations in the 'View Videos' section or by clicking on the red links in the programme section

Don't forget that you are also able to submit your questions in advance.

Note: video presentations will not be shown live in the sessions during the conference. You will need to navigate through the website to view them. However we have allocated enough time in the programme for you to view the videos, on the virtual conference website, before the Q&A sessions start. 

If you have not yet registered to attend the conference, now is the time to do so to make the most of the conference. Please do so by going to the Registration page on the website.

We hope that you will enjoy the FLOODrisk2020 virtual conference in this new format and look forward to welcoming you on 22 June 2021 at 9:30 CEST (the time in Paris) for our live opening ceremony.

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