22-24 June 2021, Virtual Conference

4th European Conference on Flood Risk Management

Science and practice for an uncertain future

Special Session: Risk Informed Decision Making for Levees and Flood Defences

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The special session 'Risk Informed Decision Making for Levees and Flood Defences' will take place virtually on Tuesday 22 June 2021 from 13:30 to 15:00.

The programme of this special session will include:

13:30    Introductions
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13:35    General introduction on risk framework for levees and flood defences (Rémy Tourment)
Quick presentation of ICOLD TC and EUCOLD LFD WG

a.       Definition of risk: 

  • Components and definition of risk
  • Difference between "natural" flood risk and flood risk in the presence of levees

b.       Key terms:
Risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, residual risk

13:50    Combining deterministic and probabilistic approaches to make decisions (Dr Jonathan Simm)

a.       Risk approaches and probabilistic methods

  • Deterministic and probabilistic design of levees – links to and differences from risk-informed design.
  • Good practice in flood risk analysis of leveed systems – can deterministic information be incorporated?  

b.       Consideration of uncertainty

  • Uncertainty in loadings on levees.
  • Uncertainty in defence performance - fragility curves and uncertainty.
  • Uncertainty in consequence attributable to levee segments/systems.

14:05    Discussion on use of risk and probabilistic tools

14:25    Decision making for flood risk management and for levee systems management (Elena Sossenkina and Dr Mike Sharp)

a.       What is decided? 

  • Use of risk to inform decisions regarding flood risk management
    • community emergency preparedness activities
    • zoning and land development
    • flood insurance
  • Use of risk to inform decisions regarding levee system management
    • type and frequency of inspections
    • operation and maintenance activities
    • options for improvements
  • Use of risk to inform decisions related to both
    • Desired level of flood risk reduction (e.g. levee height)

b.       Who decides?

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities
    • regarding asset (levee infrastructure) management
    • regarding emergency management
    • regarding land use

14:40    Discussion on decision making for levee systems management

15:00    Close of session

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