22-24 June 2021, Virtual Conference

4th European Conference on Flood Risk Management

Science and practice for an uncertain future

Special session: An International Handbook for Emergency Response to Flood Risk

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The special session ‘An International Handbook for Emergency Response to Flood Risk - A call for collaboration’ will take place virtually on Wednesday 23 June 2021 from 16:00 to 17:30.

The session will be led by Wout de Vries and Ludolph Wentholt

Flood emergency response is an essential component of a flood risk strategy. Effective flood emergency response depends on implementing the appropriate measures, and on executing them correctly. The skills and expertise of emergency management teams play an important role in this response. It is crucial that all involved work along commonly agreed lines. To achieve this, an initiative is launched to arrive at an International Handbook for Emergency Response to Flood Risk. This handbook will provide good practices and will share lessons learnt from floods all over the world. Furthermore, the handbook will provide “commonly agreed lines” of emergency response. In this way, it will be an invaluable tool to train staff in the operation of flood fighting. In addition, it can be a very valuable tool for streamlining international assistance in real flood events.

This special session is an open invitation to join us in a coalition of the willing to arrive at the International Handbook for Emergency Response to Flood Risk. It can also be seen as a stepping stone towards the International Community of Practice of Flood Fighters.

The programme of this special session will include

16:00   Introductions - Participants to enter in chat function their name, organisation, country, topics of interest
16.10   Interactive introduction, including topics Why a Handbook,  Experience so far, Initial thoughts on the table of contents, Target audience, Expected outcome.
16:35   Practical aspects (interactive): How to arrive at a coalition, Position and future use of the Handbook, Proposed way of working, Roadmap to kickoff, other items to be considered.
17:00   Further discussion 
17:30   Closure

The hoped-for outcome of this session is to establish a community of experts who will work together on this Handbook.

Please use the 'add to Schedule' button on the Special Session Programme, to register your interest in participating in this special session.

For more information visit the Special Session Hub and the webpage hub.floodrisk2020.net/theme/specials/international-handbook/.

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